Frozen fish without additives or preservatives


Food additives are basically natural or artificial substances, which are not included in the food’s natural ingredients, but are used by the food industry to improve its texture, taste, color, nutritional value and extend its life cycle. Those are approved and inspected for safety, while their use, dosage and adding method are determined ex ante.

Frozen fish companies do use additives during processing. Especially in the case of fish fillets, additives are used to improve their texture and color.

Even though additives are not necessarily “bad”, but actually improve certain characteristics of various foods, it’s certain that we have all wondered at some point if we should consume them or not.

The good news is that there are frozen fish fillets without additives, offering the authentic taste and the same delicious cooked result of the fresh fish. With the most advanced processing methods, fish companies can accelerate the process of cleaning and filleting and at the same time preserve the color and flesh volume of the fish, without causing its dehydration.

This way, fish fillets without additives reach our table, having an authentic, pure taste, no artificial alterations and being 100% safe for us and our children.